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I AU CUBE's 13 years’ experience in operational safety allows us to offer solutions that are tailored to your needs, whether it is auditing, expertise or training

Our aim is to create a cube that is customised for each client - not the same one to be used by all..


Thirteen years and a desire to always keep learning, in order to offer high-quality services.

Training with I AU CUBE guarantees that you will be placed in conditions that encourage solid and efficient learning. How? By involving you as a participant in the learning process.


Thirteen years of knowledge of the industrial world, its standards and their applications, enabling quality audits that are tailored to your reality.


And above all:

A mastery of dependability studies with an expert eye.

Céline Vinuesa, Presidente

Avant d'aéronefs

Upskilling is essential during a person's professional life.

It is important to feel confident and self-reliant at your workstation.

A training course is not top-down information exchange but a joint commitment between teacher and participant.

I AU CUBE training courses build on your initial knowledge (we rarely start from scratch) to bring you up to the required skill level.

Practice, anchoring and sharing are the three strengths of our training courses.


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Industry requirements and standards are constantly evolving and it is not uncommon to need reassurance on methodologies, models and designs.

​I AU CUBE’s strength is to provide you with methods that have been tried and tested in various fields, but which are tailored to your particular frame of reference.

The idea is not to make you fit into the same cube as everybody else but to create your own cube, where your company can broaden its methods.

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Different types of dependability studies provide different ways of looking at systems.

This is not a constraint but a time for interaction and discussion between the different actors involved in the implementation of an industrial project.

Each type of study has its own methods, specifications and results.

I AU CUBE studies are based on data collected with the project teams in order to be as close as possible to reality. The calculation tools used are tried and tested, mastered and effective, to ensure confidence in the results.

In order to guarantee traceability, the entire process is finalised with a report containing all the models’ data and hypotheses, and is backed up by expert opinion on how to achieve the desired objectives.


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Gain constructive insight into your methodology and documents to save time and implement sustainable procedures.

Our approach to auditing is to work with you by listening and asking questions, in order to start with a concrete assessment of your situation to increase your skills and autonomy within the company.