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You have implemented a methodology within your organisation and want to check its consistency? 

Do you need an external expert opinion? 

Or validation of the parameters considered or calculated in your studies?


  • List of critical points.

  • Proposals for further action.

  • Proposal for an approach.


Setting objectives

Audit objective

The purpose is to define the audit’s objective and the methodology or studies audited.

Input data analysis

Input data

This data is compared with different data collections or calculated using user feedback. Operational data is also reviewed and confirmed.


Modelling choice

The purpose is to check the consistency and feasibility between the chosen software and approach and the expected calculations and results.



Using questionnaires, methods and approaches will be detailed to enable analysis of the input data.


I AU CUBE's aim is not to impose a methodology but to build on you, your company, your work methods and to see how to improve your studies and your approach to dependability in order to comply with standards and the state of the art of RAMS studies.

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  • Extensive experience in dependability studies in various industrial fields.

  • Perfect knowledge of modelling software and methods.

  • Participation in congresses, seminars and work groups, bibliographical research in order to keep abreast of the latest trends.

Qualité des études



A contractor has submitted a study and you would like a review of it?

Let us review your reports and models!


How to get an objective view of a report when you do not have the necessary expertise?

Ask competent and neutral outsiders.


The objective is to validate the work of independent contractors.


To give you the key elements of RAMS (Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety) studies in order to ensure the quality and seriousness of the commissioned study.


I AU CUBE checks that the study corresponds to the remit, that the evaluation criteria are relevant, the normative constraints are respected and, if necessary, suggests areas of improvement.


The aim is to ensure that the study you ordered meets your expectations and bill of specifications.

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Support méthodologique
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Creation of reference documents, templates, models, presentations and databases.

I AU CUBE takes care of the technical writing of all your operating safety study materials.


Whether it is the creation of a database for Availability, Reliability or risk analysis, the production of report templates or questionnaires to carry out your studies, we can assist you in the creation of all these documents, both in French and English.


If you already have documents, I AU CUBE can check their consistency with completed studies and suggest areas for improvement.


I AU CUBE takes into account your experience in the field of operational safety to facilitate the various aspects of production Availability, Reliability, Maintainability, Safety Integrity Level, safety functions and risk analysis.



Cahier des charges



Writing a complete bill of specifications for a contractor can be difficult when the technical terms of operational safety are not fully mastered.


Everyone has their particular area of expertise.


Bill specifications are used to detail the methodology to be applied, define the studies’ limits, specify the standards to be used, the software or the desired methodology, thereby providing your partners with a complete framework for the execution of their mission.


I AU CUBE is here to assist you so that the specifications and therefore the resulting product correspond to your expectations.

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