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How to train on GRIF from TotalEnergies *?

I AU CUBE is official training organization< /strong> on TotalEnergies’ GRIF software.

Information, the latest news, the training catalog:

Level 1: Acquire the basics and become independent

Ideal for getting started with the software quickly and efficiently, these 2 to 3 days training courses allow you to discover GRIF , its main functionalities but above all to quickly begin mastering by applying the concepts covered.

Level 2: Improve your skills and keep up to date with new developments

GRIF evolves every year, the training allows you to discover and apply new features.

But also to improve oneself in order to be more efficient in one's work.

More information go to TotalEnergies GRIF site

* GRIF is a registered trademark owned by Compagnie TotalEnergies and used under license.

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